Monday, August 5, 2013

Whole30 Restart

Tomorrow I am restarting my Whole30. Although I have kept it very clean there have been a few circumstances where I am pretty sure I ingested an off plan ingredient.

Like that burger at the theme park. Bunless as it was I am convinced it was just a soy patty masquerading as a sirloin burger. Or the dinner at a friend's house. I think there was some dairy in there.

Tonight is our  anniversary so I am going to raise my glass and toast seven long yet wonderful years of marriage. At least the beer is homebrew and we know what went into it.

Tomorrow will be the start of another Whole30 attempt so September 6th will be my official end date. I always do better with even numbers anyways. But its too bad because I had just gotten used to drinking my coffee sans cream.

To add some visuals to this post, here are a few meals I ate over the past 5 days of almost perfect Whole30 eating.

Salad eggs are a favorite. Obviously.

Egg salad made with Paleo mayo from Nom Nom Paleo's fabulous recipe collection.

A yummy chicken dish from Practical Paleo with a sweet potato topped with ghee.

Salad eggs and a bit of ham steak.

Chicken topped with a coconut veggie reduction and a sweet potato on the side.

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