Saturday, June 21, 2014

Whole30: Day 12

And I feel fantastic!

Seriously. Amazing.

I did have a moment today. But more about that later.

The morning started out bright and early with a bang. Running with a friend at the track in order to get her prepared for her first 5K. 3.1 miles later with no walk breaks and she was victorious!

Breakfast consisted of rainbow chard from the garden, a bit of smoked salmon, and two backyard eggs fried in coconut oil. And coffee. Of course coffee with coconut milk.

After that I got blonded. My roots were certainly showing. And not my Southern roots. I'm loving this tank I got on sale at Academy. I think it was like $9? Very cute and perfect for my workouts.

Lunch was a leftover lettuce wrap stuffed with pesto chicken and hot sauce. And a Larabar. And then I attacked a bag of pistachios. This was the resulting carnage.

After lunch I had a cup of coffee. I didn't need that cup though. My energy was through the roof. It's just a habit of having an early afternoon pick me up that I need to break.

Dinner was classic and perfect. Grilled ribeye, sautéed portabellas and salad with homemade dressing. After dinner I had a moment. I really really really wanted to fix up a treat. Something made with Whole30 compliant ingredients to satisfy that after dinner urge. I talked myself out of it. I wasn't hungry I just wanted that sweet hit. I did end up scarfing two bananas. I know that's not what I needed to do but it was better than giving in to the alternative.

Physically: Not bloated, not tired, skin is looking great. Workouts are improving. Sleep is improving. Aaaahhhh! And happy! Very very happy!

Mentally: Happy!

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